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A Little Information About Our Downrigger Weights

In the fabrication of our downrigger weights we use the very best raw materials and components available. Although the lead used to make our weights is obtained from industrial scrap, we strive to keep the percentage of pure soft lead in our finished weights as close to 100% as possible.

Be assured we are extremely vigilant when purchasing any scrap lead, therefore, prior to purchasing we personally inspect every lot that comes into our manufacturing facility. We do not purchase or accept low quality lead mixtures (wheel weights, lead from batteries or ingots poured by others) that could adversely affect the quality or performance of our weights. The fact is, the lower the percentage of pure lead used to make lead weights, the harder and less durable they are. We also purchase and use the best solid brass eyelets available. They are rated at 600 lbs. tensile strength and made in the USA.

During fabrication of our downrigger weights, we use an essential technique which has to do with mold temperature combined with liquefied lead temperatures. To maintain a consistent finished product, the temperatures of both are monitored throughout the pouring process. The two (2) brass eyelets are set into the mold and become an integral part of the weight when the lead has cooled.

The weights are then made ready for the unique coating. The durable eco-friendly coating (Line-X) is professionally applied hot and under pressure with one layer covering the entire weight immediately followed by a second layer then set aside to cool gradually which allows for a hardened finish. This exclusive process is accomplished entirely in the U.S.A.

The primary design of our weights combined with our exceptional coating process produces an unequivocal durable and eco-friendly lead downrigger weight. Professional fishing guides and serious anglers have acknowledged overall satisfaction and confidence after purchasing and using the finest downrigger weight available to assist getting their presentation down to depths where the fish are and, most importantly, stay at that depth with minimal “blow back” at all trolling speeds.

4 Fins weights are available in 4 lb., 6 lb., 8 lb. 10 lb. 12 lb. and 14lb. in tackle stores nationwide.

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